Will - 1600 (Ballaugh)

The testament of Ranold Mc illerea who departed the 9th of November.

First He bequeathed his soul to the Almighty God Creator and Redeemer and his body to be buried within the parish church of Ballalagh.

Item To the poor betwixt his wife and himelf 2 bowls malt, a bowl wheat and sheep/geese?? at the discretion of his executor.

Item to Donald his son 3 oxen and his riding horse out of the whole.

Item to William, Allis and Jane every one six sheep out of the whole.

Item to his 2 daughters Allis and Jane other 6 firlet of corn and William to have his portion of the crop.

Item to the said William half of Closse Cordea …… …. or else 30s in money.

Item To Christian her bargain of hand fasting or else her portion at her choice.

Item to John Mc Lerea de Ballacrosse 1 firlot wheat or barley.

Item To John his son a sheep

Item to Jony and Margaret his 2 daughters each a sheep.

Constituted his executors Donald, William with Jane his children.

Testes Sr Nicholas Thompson parson, John Mc [lerea?] senior [? ?]

Probatum est et solvit 12s

The invent of Richd Ylrea his goods & his wyfe at theyr deaths, to be broughte in before xiiij (13) die in ye penaltie of xs (10s) to the ---se of her inv:

Invt geven the xviijth (18th) of Februarie Anno Domi 1600

Imprimis in oxen vij 1 cowe belonginge to the plowage more xj (11) kyne, ij (2) styrkes, v (5) heffers, ij (2) calffes, ij (2) mayres and ij (2) fowler more, xiiij (13) in horses and mayres besydes in muttons and sheepe fyve store in ewes xxiiijth (23) in geese, xxth 1 brewinge combe, ij (2) horses, ij (2) stonds, one churne, ij (2) tubes, iiij (93) pyggins, iiij (3) dippe,s 1 iron pott, 1 straddle brass, 1 spytt and a payre of tryppetts in pewter dishes vj (5), ij (2) chambers fryse[?], vj (5) trenchers, ij (2) fether beds, iiij (3) fledges, iiij (3) blanketts, in money xxxs (30s), viij (7) canes, viij (8) straddles, vj (6) harrowes, ix (9) traysses, halffe a fyshinge boate, iij (3) duckes[?]

Whereas Ales enjLrea is committed to her syster Jonie enjLrea and her husband the sayd Jonie enjLrea and her husband Fynlo Kyssaigge hath bonde them selves in the penaltie of x£ [£10] ad usum Regine, that whenso ever ye sayd Ales shall com to yeares of discretion or deptethe from her sayd syster that she wyll delyvr unto her as muche goods as she dothe receyve --- her and in as good sorte.

In witness whereof the sayd Jonie and her husband hathe put theyr markes herunto the xviijth (14) of Februarie Anno domi 1600

sign Fynlo Kyssaicc X sign, Jonie eni Lrea X

Invent of the sayd Ales goods ij (2) mayre, 1 styre one olde mayre, ij (2) yonge mayres and a foale, in sheepe and muttons xv (15) in ewes (8)iiij, ij (2) tubs, 1 chaire, 1 pewter dyshe, ij (2) wooden cupps, 1 can of w--e[?] conteying viij (8) quartes, 1 syve dj a secke dj thther 6d dj, a boulster, 1 fledge, 1 blankett

John Cosnahan deput: to Sr Wyllm Crowe


  1. Dollough
  2. buried 12th November 1600; record say "Richard" but this must be a transcription error from an earlier version of the register
  3. wife Ellin died a few days before Ranold
  4. Ranold was perhaps the largest Mylrea landholder in Ballaugh at the time, having the estate the "Dollough"
  5. Son William was not definitely sighted after his mention here; a William Mc Yleroy who was buried in Ballaugh October 6th, 1612 could be this son
  6. John Mc Lerea of Ballacrosse might be his son (or brother), who had children John, Jony & Margaret
  7. Jonie married Phynlo Kissack, who might have been the witness to Ellin's will (Phillip Kissack)
  8. Christian Mylrea, presumably his daughter, died in 1603 in Michael, naming siblings that correspond with those in the wills of Ellin & Ranold
  9. The confusion about whether his name was Ranold or Richard can be tidied up by looking at Lib Vast entries which refer to him as Danold

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