RICHARD MACYLREA 1678 Will Ballaugh

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Richard Macylrea who first committed his soul to God and body to Christian burial

Item to Finlo Garrett five shllings that was due to him .......... for wages

Item John Quayle for 3s more due to him and the executor of Jony Curghey upon the same account as above

Item to Finlo Stean a casack

Item to Thomas Corkan a pair of breeches

Item to William Corlett a wastecoat

Item to Jony Stean a wastecoat

Lastly he constituted ...... Mr William Stean his lawful executor of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable and if any person by any other course should look to come as his executor to be out of with ..... .....

Testes: John Stean, Patt Garrett } jurati

Probatum est et solvit .....

The inventor is included in the will and the wages due from his .....

Pledges Finlo Quayle, John Stean


  1. There's no obvious candidate for Richard's family. No birth, or marriage
  2. A Jony Curphey of Michael was buried at Ballaugh church in 1675 - perhaps Richard's wife?

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