Will - 1717 (Braddan)

Douglas 1717 Oct 27th

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Thomas McYlroy who departed this life about the 26th of September last being of perfect mind and memory at the making thereof.

He left all his worldly goods jointly betwixt his wife Ann McYlroy and his step-daughter Jony Kelly.

Witnesses John Cottiman, William Curlod ] jurati

The executors sworn in form of law

Pledges to secure the Office etc Philip Clague


  1. Crowe's analysis of early Douglas land holders shows "Thomas Mylroi & Ann Mylroi alias Kelly alias Cain his wife, with Jony Kelly & Elinor Kelly her daughters; Ann's right assumed to have been inherited from Gilbert Cain, who held this rent 1671"
  2. Nothing at all is known about him for certain other than that in 1705, Crowe delineated allotment 16/08, a 3d rent that was adjacent to allotments occupied by others of the Mylrea clan. However, it was subsequently occupied by Hen Cain & Ellinor his wife, Ellinor being Ann's other daughter
  3. This couple have no surviving record of marriage
  4. From Thomas's will, it would seem that he had no children of his own
  5. Could Thomas have been the son of Harie Malaray baptised 1653 in Braddan?
  6. No burial record for his wife Ann unless she was recorded as Ann Kelly als Cain. THis woman was buried 26th Octobber 1724
  7. The fact that Margaret Lewn's husband Thomas was only ever recorded against the 6d cottage #112, which belonged to the Lewn family, is a strong indication that the Thomas Mc ylroy in the current will had no links to Margaret's husband

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