Will - 1744 (Ballaugh)

[originallly submitted by Shirley C. Hogensen to Brian Lawson]


The last will and testament of Thos Mylrea of Ballaugh who departed this life the 9th of Jan 1744 being of perfect mind and sound memory at the making hereof.

First He committed his soul to God and body to Christian burial

2ndly He left his part of the brown heifer to his son John

Thirdly He left four sheep to his daughter, Mary

Item He left his part of an iron pot unto his brother Nicholas and he the said Nicholas to assist the widow to plow his lands.

Lastly he nominated and appointed his loving wife sole executrix of all the rest of his goods of what kind soever

Testes Wm Corlet, Jon Crain} jurati

John Crain one of the witnesses declares that the testator left his leather breeches unto John Cowley if his wife thought fit so to do.

Isabel McYlrea the widow is sworn executrix as also to bring to the Registry an inventory of the effects and for the payment of debts and legacies according to law.

Pledges are John Crain, Patr Craine, John Stephen, and Wm Corkill

Nicholas McYlrea the uncle is sworn supervisor

Probatum est John Cosnahan and Edward Moore


  1. Thomas became the steward of Ballacooiley when his uncle John died in 1739, without issue
  2. Thomas was born in 1708, to William Mylrea and Catherine Cowle
  3. He married Isabel Killip 1734 Ballaugh; six children but only two surviving (John b1738, Mary b1744) when he died in 1745. Daughter Mary died 1748
  4. Thomas sold land to his younger brother Nicholas Mylrea snr in 1740, and it became a second Mylrea estate for this "clan" in Ballaugh (Ballacorraige)
  5. Nicholas snr was probably the guiding influence for John, Thomas's son and the next steward of Ballacooiley. He helped him mortgage parts of Ballacooiley when he was 14 years old, and this itself might have been a debt consolidation exercise for Thomas died leaving not only a widow and two small children but also over £50 of mortgages against Ballacooiley
  6. The estate that Thomas inherited might not have been a boon - he conducted to sales early in his stewardship, possibly land inherited or brought through his marriage to Isabel, before he embarked on four mortgages. In total, he was steward for only 7 or 8 years

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