THOMAS MYLREA 1830 Lezayre


To the Reverend John Nelson Clerk Vicar General etc etc

The humble petition of Daniel Mylrea of the parish of Lezayre esquire

Sheweth that on the first day of September last your petitioner presented his petition to your reverence stating that Thomas Mylrea esquire your petitioner’s uncle some short time ago departed this life but previously had published his last will and testament whereby he bequeathed considerable property to your petitioner and praying to have the said will received in Court in form of law.

That the petition came on to be heard at an Ecclesiastical Court holden at Ramsey on the 10th September last and Thomas Mylrea esq your petitioner’s brother (who had procured a Deed of Sale from Mr Venerable Archdeacon Mylrea heir-at-law of Thomas Mylrea deceased) of the whole of the property of the said Mr Mylrea deceased contested the validity of the said will and the said petition was ordered to be recorded and a special examination of witnesses ordered to be taken in support of the said will.

That your petitioner hath fully compromised the claim of the said Thomas Mylrea who has transferred all his right to the said property to your petitioner.

That there is not any other of the next of kin of the said Thomas Mylrea deceased contesting the validity of the said will.

That the debts of the said Thomas Mylrea deceased exceed the amount of his personal estate

Wherefore your petitioner prays a hearing of this petition and that the said will may be received into Court and your petitioner sworn executor thereof in form of law or otherwise that administration of the estate of the said Thomas Mylrea may be granted to your petitioner and your petitioner will pray. F.B.Clucas for the petitioner

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard at a Court to be holden at Ramsey on Friday the 14th instant whereof all .... parties to be given notice. John Nelson given this 5th January 1731

The petitioner is sworn in Court in form of law well and truly to administer the goods and estate of the decedant, to pay the debts and fines expenses so far forth as the goods will extend and the law bind him to return unto the Episcopal Registry when required a full inventory of the effects and an account of his transactions touching said estate and to these ends the said petitioner hath given bonds in the sum of three hundred pounds.

Decretum est.

John Nelson


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; and once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Son of William Mylrea & Ellinor als Gell, baptised 1758 in Andreas
  3. Did not marry; buried 24th July 1830, Andreas
  4. Was an MHK 1809-1919 and brewer in Ramsey
  5. In the space of a decade, the remnants of this family all but died out:
    • Thomas 1830
    • Ellen, d/o Daniel 1830
    • Daniel 1832
    • Thomas, s/o Daniel 1836
    • Daniel, s/o Daniel 1837
    • Susannah, wife of Daniel 1839
  6. Thomas's niece, Susannah Alice Mylrea married Philip Moyle John Lyons in 1833. They did not have children and she died in 1851

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