Will - 1860 (Braddan)


To the worshipful Thomas A. Corlett Vicar General etc

The humble petition of James Shimmin and Mary his wife of Ballacorris in the parish of Santon


That on or about the seventh day of May last Thomas Mylrea formerly of Braddan departed this life intestate.

That Thomas Mylrea of Michael, Philip Mylrea of Malew, William Mylrea of Andreas, Ann Mylrea now in America, Jane Mylrea wife of James Kissack of Onchan and Elizabeth the wife of William Caldwell of Ballagarey in Braddan along with the petitioner Mary are the children and only next of kin of the said deceased and petitioners desire that administration of his estate be forthwith granted to the petitioner James or to some other proper person

Wherefore petitioners pray a hearing hereof and that your worship may be pleased to grant letters of administration of the said intestate estate to the petitioner James or to some fit and proper person in trust for the next of kin aforesaid and petitioner will pray ... ….. Nich Sherwood

Ordered that this petition do come to be heard at an Ecclesiastical Court to be held in Douglas on Friday next whereof all proper parties are to have due notice Given this 12th day of November 1860. TA.Corlett

At a Court holden at Douglas this 23rd Nov 1860 this petition is continued. T.A.Corlett

At a Court holden at Michael on Thursday the 20th day of December 1860 by adjournment from a Court held at Douglas on the … December 1860 Upon hearing this petition in presence of the parties or their advocates and it appearing that Thomas Mylrea some short time ago departed this life intestate leaving issue namely Thomas Mylrea, Philip Mylrea, William Mylrea, Ann Mylrea (resident abroard), Jane wife of James Kissack, Elizabeth wife of William Caldwell, and the petitioner Mary wife of the petitioner James Shimmin who are therefore decreed sole administrators of all and singular the goods, rights, credits, chattels and effects of the said deceased and the petitioner James Shimmin in right of his said wife the petitioner Mary is therefore sworn in trust well and truly to administer the said estate according to law, to pay all just debts and funeral expenses of the deceased so far forth as his goods will extend and the law bind him to return a true and faithful inventory thereof with an accurate account of his acts and proceedings in the premises of the Episcopal Registry when thereunto lawfully required and to these ends he hath given pledges …ively Thomas Mylrea and Charles Sayle who have entered into and executed the usual bond in presence of the Court Decretum est



  1. Thomas's parentage has no official record of marriage, nor does Thomas have a record of baptism. He might be the son of Philip Mylrea & Margaret Lewn who married in 1772
  2. Thomas was buried Braddan 10th May, 1860 aged 72
  3. Married Margaret Cowin in 1809. There's a record of a burial of Margaret Mylrea on 1st January, 1860 and this is presumably Thomas's wife
  4. Eight children: Thomas (1815), Philip (1817), John (1821-1822), William (1827), Elizabeth (1813), Jane (1816), Mary (1819), Ann (1822)
    • Thomas became the miller at Glen Wyllin in Michael; married Elizabeth Mary Caine 1839 in Braddan
    • Philip was the schoolmaster at St Marks in Malew; married Margaret Crebbin 1849 in Malew
    • William was a blacksmith in Andreas; married Mary Mylrea 1850 in Michael
    • Elizabeth married William Conwell 1847
    • Jane married James Kissack 1835
    • Mary married James Shimmin 1845
    • Ann went to America in 1857, married James Boyd in 1861, and died the following year. They lived in Warrensville, Ohio
  5. Thomas was mentioned as a witness in a courtcase in 1838 when he was working on a farm in Ballaoates (Manks Advertisier 25/12/1838)

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