Will - 1654 (Michael)

Copied from Archdeacon Wills 1645-1654 because it was embedded on p387 of a 560 page .pdf document

In the name of God Amen I Willi: MacYllerea sick in bodye but whole in mynd and of good and perfitt memory the Lord be praysed doe make my last will and testament as followeth

First I commett my soule into the hands of the Allmighty God and my body to Cristen buriall

Item: I leave to my daughter Mable one sheepe

Item I leave my children John and Jane MacYllerea my true and lawfull excecutors of all my goods moveable and unmovable

It: hee sd yt ye fourth pte of ye cropp of corne was due to his son in lawe William Steane

Witnessis Gilbert Corlett Addam Corlett Jurati

pbat et solvit 8d

The Inventorye of ye deceadant amounts to ye sume of …………………. 3£ 13d wch inventorye is wholely between ye deceadant and his wife both included in this inventorye

The goods of Jane is in ye custodie of her Aunt Jane Woods and hath put in pledges for the saime in forme of lawe. Jo: Woods of Peeletowne

The goods of Jo: Macylrea is with ye consent of ye ante who is overseers in ye custodie of John Corlett sonn of Adam Corlett, and hath put in pledge for ye forthcoming of ye sd goods and to keepe ye office harmeless. Adam Corlett of Foretowne

Jo: Caine enters his claimt against ye executor of William Molrea for a payre of shoes of xjd (11d) price, due debt as hee will make to apere and craveth tryall of lawe June 23th 1655

Debts oweing to ye deceadant as followeth due from Henrye Woods ………………. 8s for a cowe wch ye sd Will sould --- ye sd Henry Woods

There is debts to bee deducted out of ye this inventore

Imprimis to ye minister and Clarke 2s 6d

It: due to ye Clerke for entries 3s : 2d for ye man and his wife

The Inventorye of ye deceadant amounuth to ye some of 11s

The executrs are at lawfull yeares and hath taken charge of there owne goods and hath put in pledge f---- ye same in forme of law Phillip Cannell pledge

[The following is crossed out:] The Inventory of ye decedant within written as followeth

Imprmis The third part of a cowe 5 yeares old

It: ye third out of another cowe ten yeares old

It: ye third part of halfe a heffer 3 yeares old

It: ye third part of halfe a calfe

The third part of an old mare

The third part of a sheepe

The third part of a hogge

There is Debts to bee deducted out of this Inventorye

The goods as in father's custodie and hath putt in pledges for ye forth coming of ye sd goods and to secure ye office. Adam Corlett of Foretownes

Debts to be deducted out of this Inventorye

Due to Jo Corlett 16s

It: due to James Crye vjs (6s)


  1. No marriage record found, nor a burial record (a page from the parish burials for Michael is missing). However, a record for John McYlrea born to Wm 1645 survives
  2. William was the heir of his mother Margaret Callister, who had married a Mylrea man in about 1586. Margaret was the tenant of the Ballamanaugh quarterland, transferred to her in 1586 by her father Murtagh Callister
  3. While there was a William Mc ylrea noted in the Liber Vastarum of 1512 in Michael, and several land records since then, he had gone by the mid-1530s. So Margaret's husband might or might not have been a descendant of the original William Mc ylrea (grandson at best)
  4. William married twice, the second time to Ann Woods. His first wife is unknown
  5. John and Jane are the product of his second marriage, and daughter Mabel is from his first marriage
  6. The "heir to Ballamanagh"(an Oristall quarterland) buried in 1675 could have been his son John b1645 however, the boy was never deemed the heir-at-law to Ballamanaugh. Rather Mabel was so it is unlikely that the John buried in 1675 was the son of William
  7. Note the variety of spellings of the surname within the one document: Macylrea, MacYllerea, Molrea

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