Will - 1699 (Douglas)

William McYlrea who departed this life 27th July last intestate whereof the Court having intelligence hath decreed his four children John, Margaret, Ellin & Ann McYlrea joint administrators of all his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever who being underage Richard Cannell, husband of Mary McYlrea one of the aunts, is sworn supervisor and a legacy to the wife on sight of the inventory who is also sworn in form of law.

Decrotum est & solvit

Pledges William Craine jnr & Jo Cottiman for the mother who has the goods in her hands viz £2/0/0

27th October 1699 Ellin Kelly enters a claim against the administrators for William McYlrea for 3/2 and craves the law


  1. William Mylrea (MACYLEREA) was married Margaret Kinish 1690 in Braddan
  2. Children John (1691), Margaret (1693), Ellin (1695), Ann (169*)
  3. By the time Margaret Kinish died, she had married two more times and had three more children
  4. Only two McYlrea children (John and Ann) were alive when Margaret died. Ann died a spinster in 1738 and John apparently left the island in about 1717
  5. William was from the parish of Michael
  6. His sisters Mary (b1656) & Catherine (b1659 were mentioned in William's will. Both died in April 1723 in Michael
  7. Father of William, Mary and Catherine was Hugh Mc ylrea; mother unknown
  8. William would have been 27 when he married Margaret Kinish in Braddan and 36 when he died
  9. Richard Cannell, husband of Mary McYlrea, was a tenant on lands that stretched across the quarterlands of Balnarenny and Ballafadyn in Michael
  10. William's family originated in MIchael so it is curious that he went to Douglas/Braddan. Ann's baptism record has the additional information "Nunnery Howe", so presumably he was a farm worker
  11. Some years after William's time in Douglas, a Hugh Mylrea from Michael arrived and married Margaret Cain in 1716. Hugh's parents were Kath Corjeag and John Mylrea who married in 1680. Whether there was a connection between William and Hugh is unknown, but William was about 20 years older than Hugh so they were not likely to be from the same generation, even if they shared the same surname

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