WILLIAM MYLREA 1713 Ballaugh

William McYlrea orphan departed this life about the 22 of February last whereupon the Court has decreed his brother Thomas and 2 sisters Ellin and Jane McYlrea with his two half brothers John and William and two half sisters Margaret and Catherine McYlrea joint administrators of all his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever who are all at age and Thomas and Ellin are sworn in Court in form of law

Decretum est & solvit 6d

The goods in the father’s will being twenty shillings and ……. ......

Pledges William Cannell in form of law


  1. The boy William born 1705, died of smallpox at the age of 8
  2. He was the son of Thomas McYlrea (Ballacooiley) and his second wife, Joney Craine
  3. The boy's father Thomas McYlrea died in 1711, leaving this (second) William 20 shillings which accords with the information in the Court's decree
  4. Curious that William’s probate (1713) says full siblings are Thomas, Ellin & Jane and ½ are John & William, Margaret & Catherine. This must be a mistake as John was not mentioned in the will of Margaret McYlrea als Crain in 1684 and must therefore have been the son of son of Joney, Thomas Myrea's second wife, and he was thus a full brother to William II

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