1823 - Will (Malew)

To the Reverend Thomas Stephen Vicar General The humble petition of John Fitzsimmons of Castletown in behalf of himself and others the creditors of William Mylrea late deceased Sheweth that William Mylrea of the parish of Malew late deceased departed this life on or about the 14th of June last past intestate leaving certain property and effects which your petitioner conceives were liable to the payment of his just debts and your petitioner is desirous that some proper person may be appointed administrator of the whole of the aforesaid William Mylrea’s estate and effects for the benefit of the aforesaid creditors Wherefore your petitioner humbly prays a hearing of this petition and that your reverence may be pleased to appoint some proper person as administrator of the aforesaid estate and effects of the aforesaid William Mylrea and your petitioner will pray John Fitszimmons

Ordered that this petition do come to be heard at a Consistory Court to be holden at Ramsey on Thursday next and hereof all proper parties and persons are to have due notice Given this 22 August 1823 T.Stephen


At a Consistory Court holden in Ramsey 28 August 1823 William Mylrea of Malew having departed this life on or about the 14th June last intestate leaving issue ….. surviving William, David, Jane and Eliza and this Court having received intelligence thereof hath for the preservation of the rights of all persons interested in the estate of the intestate deceased Edward Harrison a principal creditor administrator in trust of all and singular the goods, rights, credits, chattels and effects, moveable and immoveable a return of the said estate and he is thereupon sworn well and truly to administer the same, to pay all just debts so far forth as goods will extend and the law bind him to exhibit a full and perfect inventory at the Episcopal Registry and to be accountable for the residuary … lawfully required and to these ends he hath given pledges in form of law namely John Fitzsimmons of Castletown and John Lace of Ramsey

Decretum est



1823 23 September John Fitzsimmons claims …. ….. British £250

15 October Robert Curry claims 10/6

1824 3 August Charles Clague claims British £6


  1. William buried 15th June 1823 Malew
  2. Only known candidate is William Mylrea who married to Jane (H)All: Children - Eleanor (1800, Santon), James David (1822 Patrick/Dalby); no sign of births of other children. Presumably he was born no later than 1780 to have a child in 1800
  3. No subsequent sign of Jane Mylrea als (H)All or children so every chance Jane remarried and children took step-father’s name
  4. At this stage, a STRAY

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