Purchase - 1713 (Douglas)

Know all men by these presents that I James Reid of the County of Lewage in the kingdom of Ireland with the consent of my wife Margaret Reid als Quaile many good causes and considerations us hereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the entire sum of four pounds of lawful money as current in this Isle to be paid at the signing, sealing and delivery of these presents, of and from the hands of Phillip Higgin of the town of Douglas in the Isle of Man

Have given, granted, bargained, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain, pass over and absolutely sell for ever all our interest, right and title in and to our little collar situate and being in the town abovesaid and joining to the rent of the above Phillip Higgin at the north and to Phillip Christian's rent at the south end unto the foresaid Phillip Higgin, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns the yearly rent thereof to be equalised by the Setting Quest between the said Phillip Higgin, Thomas Kelly, and Thomas Corkill to whom we have made a sale of the rest of our holdings in the said town being all under one rent, he the above said Phillip Higgin, his heirs, executors and assigns to have, hold, occupy and peaceably to possess the same collar forever, together with all ways, waters, watercourses, easements, profits and commodities thereto belonging from us or either of us, the foresaid James Reid or Margaret my wife, our heirs, executors, administrators or assigns he the foresaid Phillip Higgin, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns yielding and paying each year such rent out of the same as the Setting Quest shall think fitting to set thereon together with all such suits, services(?) or boons as shall be thereout required

Further I the foresaid James Reid, and Margaret my wife do hereby bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors administrators or assigns to uphold, awarrant and defend the forementioned Phillip Higgin, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns in the full interest of the purchase against the pretended right or title of any person or persons whatever, the right honourable the Lord of the Isle or his heirs only excepted, and to do, execute and perform all and every such lawful act or acts, thing or things as shall be requisite or necessary to be done according to law in or about the premises for the better security of him the above Phillip Higgin, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns and this in the penalty of eight pounds sterling in the nature of all fines

As witness our hands and seals this eighth of May one thousand, seven hundred and thirteen. James Reid (seal), Margaret Reid (seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of W. Thompson, N. Kemp

12th May 1713 The above James Read and Margaret his wife have acknowledged this Bill of Sale to be their act and deed and have received the full consideration money. Before me John Parr

At a Sheading Court holden at Douglas the 9th October 1713 The within Bill of Sale being acknowledged before Mr Deemster Parr and now published in open court and no objection against it the same is allowed of and confirmed according to law by us C. L. Stanley, J. Rowe, William Seddon, Dan Mcylrea

[Ref: OD ONC 1/47]


  1. This contract is for a subdivision within cottage allotment #48, the totality described as "a dwelling house, brew house, backside and garden" of 2s 7½ d rent. Phillip Higgin's share 3d rent
  2. Phil Higgin was the husband of Jane Mc ylroy. They married in 1703 in Douglas, so Jane would have been born 1675-80
  3. Jane was the daughter of Hen McYlroy & Amy McYlroy als Joyner als Watson. She was under age when her mother died in 1689; her father died later in the same year
  4. She had two Joyner step-siblings: Robert & Alice
  5. Jane inherited a cottage allotment in Douglas from her father (#110, 4d rent) - in LA 1700, allotment #91 with a 4d rent was jointly tenanted by Hen & John Mcylvorrey, presumably the same (renumbered) cottage allotment, Hen being her father
  6. Higgin was a mariner who also inherited a small cottage allotment & garden in Douglas (Gellings Court (#111, rent 3d) from his father Thomas who died in 1700
  7. Jane and Phil had children Margaret (1704), William (1706), Jane (1708), Philip (1711) of whom two survived to adulthood
  8. In 1730 Douglas Household Survey: Philip & Jane Higgins, 1 child & 1 servant; Robert Joyner (widowed) alone; Alice Graham (widowed) 1 child
  9. Jane Higgin als Mcylroy was buried 17th September 1736, Braddan
  10. The Edward Fletcher mentioned in Jane's will probate was the husband of daughter Jane (married 1733)
  11. Two burials of a Philip Higgin are recorded in the Braddan parish register, 1741 & 1769, Jane's husband and son
  12. Philip snr was a mariner and Philip jnr was a hairdresser and wigmaker
  13. Phil Higgin snr did not leave a will but the LV 1743 records the fact that he made a gift of two cottages in 1736 to his son, Phil jnr, soon after Jane died. Their total rent was respectively 2s 7½d, and 20½d, for cottage allotments #48 (Higgin share = 12d rent) & #52 (Higgin share = 3d rent) (TBF might be NSS May 1743 #43)
  14. Phi jnr was also lucky enough to be also left cottages by Mariot Smith and Margaret Kelly in the 1750s
  15. Philip jnr married Elizabeth Peel 1741 (d1750), Mary Halt 1751 (d1761) then widow Sarah Merydew als Scott 1761 (d1795) - brother in law Edward Fletcher was witness to this third wedding
  16. Philip jnr had four children Mary 26th January 1742/3, Philip 4th March 1743/4, Jane 25th February 1746/7, Jane 25th June 1752 of whom only Jane survived her father so in less than a century, Jané's little family was ""daughtered-out"
  17. NOTE: Be aware that cottage allotment numbers changed over time as Douglas expanded. Rent and neighbours become key elements in confirming whether the tenants (e Phil Higgin) have changed properties or whether they have remained stable while the allotment number from one LA to the next

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1700-2 E 466 w HUGGIN Thomas d 15 Jul 1700;Douglas; ch Philip (a toultan + garden called Chuves? toultan [tholtan] + garden at upper end of town), Wm (his dwelling house, outhouses + garden), Thomas (sworn exor as others in England); Witt Margrett Hutchin als Gharrett, Catherin Smith als Huggin - father

1717-1 E d HIGGIN John d onboard hm shi the chester abt 1699; sibs Wm, Thomas (in Ireland) + philip - brother?

1785 A 5 FLETCHER Edward dated 11 nov 1784; Ballafletcher; gtgdau Carolina Lee; names Capt John Lee,John EdwardLlee,Wm + Edwd Callister; sister Mary Callister; names Sarah Quirk als Callister,Wm+Robt Kelly,Edwrd Callister;dr Patk Scott claims son-in-law

1785 A 6 ds FLETCHER Jane dated 14 mar 1785; widow capt Ed Fletcher; gtgch John Edward + Caroline Lane Lee - daughter


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