1784 - Will (Lonan)

[originally provided by Lois Ralph to Brian Lawson]


The last will & testament of Edwd Mylrea of the parish of KK Lonon who departed this life the 25th March 1784 —being sick at the making hereof but of a well disposing mind and memory first committing himself to God and as to his worldly goods he left in manner following:

First he left a shilling to any person or persons that would claim any right to his effects

And lastly named and appointed his loving wife Dorothy Mylrea als Kewley whole executrix of all his goods & chattels (mentioned there was but little) of what kind of nature soever

Witnesses William Fargher my X, Wm Callow my X} jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Marown June 10 (?)th 1784 — the Execx is sworn in Court in form of law & hath given pledges for payment of debts & legacies namely the witnesses of the will

Probatum est

Thos Cubbon



  1. Edward, baptised 1743, was the son of Thomas Mylrea & Margaret als Cowin of Douglas
  2. He married Dorothy Fargher als Kewley in 1766 in Lonan
  3. Was left a legacy by his grandmother Mary Cowin als Clague who died in Lonan in 1763
  4. No indication of what he did for a living but two of his sons (Thomas & William) became tailors
  5. Children: Ellinor 1767, Edward baptised 1767 (m Margaret Christian); Ellinor 1770; Catherine 1772; Thomas 1774 (m Elizabeth Cowin); Isabel 1777 (m James Cleator); William 1780 (m Ann Fargher, Ann Cowley als Gelling)
  6. He was just over 40 years of age when he died
  7. Sons - Edward became a sea captain, Thomas a tailor as did William. William was also described as a farmer occasionally, and was known to hold a liquour licence
  8. Grand sons Philip and John (the sons of Thomas) enjoyed great successes in their lives
  9. Great grand son was John Allen Mylrea, the politician, was the son of John in #8 above
  10. Wife Dorothy died 1822
  11. Absolutely no evidence of who Edward's paternal grand parents might have been but other descendants of Thomas Mylrea, his father, show strong genetic links to Ireland

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