Will - 1738 (Douglas)

Douglas June 10th 1738

In the name of God amen I Margaret McYlrea als Lewn of the town of Douglas weak in body but of perfect mind and memory praise therefore be given to God do make this my last will and testament in manner following:

First I commit my soul to God and my body to the earth to be decently buried

Item I leave to Elinor Corlett my wearing gown

Item I leave to Mary Quay my red petticoat and the clothes I have about me

item I leave to Catherine Blackburn a plaid quilted petticoat

Item I leave to John Freer's wife a suit of headcloth

Item I leave to my sister Ann Harrison of Dublin two suits of headcloth

Item I leave to my niece Ann Cannell als Lewn my part of the black hood

Item I leave to my husband Thomas McYlrea my part of the best bed which is the bed I lie in and likewise I leave my said husband the benefit of my share or part of the houses and gardens and pewter for ten years and then my son Robert McYlrea to enjoy the houses and gardens and pewter

Item I leave to my son Thomas McYlrea the sum of seven pounds Manks money to be paid him when he comes to the age of twenty-one years by twenty shillings at a time which said sum to be paid him by my executor hereafter named

Lastly all my part of houses, gardens, household goods and all other effects of what kind or nature soever I leave to my son Robert McYlrea who I appoint sole executor of this my last will and testament but in case my said son Robert McYlrea should die without issue that then and in that case my part of the houses and gardens are to fall and descend to my son Thomas McYlrea

Witnesses John Cowley, Philip Lace} jurati

19th September The goods of Thomas McYlrea (being abroard) are in the hands of the executor Robert who gave pledges in form of law ... Thomas McYlrea his father and John Cowley

Probatum est solvit 12d

John Cosnahan

The executor delivers all the outstanding debts to his father who is hereby empowered to sue for the same

May 14 1739 William Cowley enters a claim against the Executors of Margaret McYlrea als Lewn for 7/-

June 5 1739 William Clague enters for 14/-


  1. Margaret Lewn married Thomas McYlrea in November 1717 in Braddan
  2. She was the daughter of Robert Lewn and Ann Cannell, and born 1686 in Braddan
  3. Margaret had siblings Marriot (Moore), Ann (Harrison) & Robt
  4. Margaret Lewn & Thomas Mc Ylrea had children Robert (October 1718), Thomas Meylrea (1720, 1721)
  5. Son Robert died without issue in about 1750. He was on the war ship Worcester
  6. Son Thomas was 17 and abroad when his mother died in 1739; he had been confirmed in 1737 at St Matthews, Braddan. In 1748, a Thomas MULRAY sailor married a Mary Norton on 23rd February in the parish of St Nicholas, Liverpool, information that "fits" with the circumstances of son Thomas during the sale of property in 1749
  7. Margaret McYlrea als Lewn was buried 11th June 1738. Husband Thomas was still alive, remarried soon after (Margaret Cowin) and lived for several decades more. He had seven children with Margaret Cowin over the next 2 decades. Evidence that Thomas snr married again is found in the 1753 Settlement from son to father, a few months after which Thomas (and Margaret Cowin) sold the portion of Margaret Lewn's property that had been given to Thomas snr by his son, Thomas jnr
  8. The Ann Cannell als Lewn mentioned in Margaret's will was the daughter of Margaret's brother Robert and wife Mary, and born 1706. No record of her marriage to Cannell but she subsequently married Thomas Corlett, a carpenter, in 1738 and in 1749 she was an administrator of her aunt's will (Ann Harrison) with her cousin Thomas Mylrea jnr
  9. BEST GUESS is that Thomas Mc Ylrea originated in Michael, an estimation based solely on the DNA of one of his descendants who has a match much closer to the Irish Mc Elreas than the Ballaugh Mylreas
  10. Mapping by Nigel Crowe shows that this cottage allotment was on Barrack St, with neighbours in 1705 Richard Killey (and Jane Mc ylrea), Robert Joyner (and Margaret Mc ylrea), Philip Higgin (and Jane Mc ylrea) and Thomas Mylroi

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1714-2 E w LEWN Robert d 16 Jun 1714;Douglas; ch Robt (his shaper?, skinner or leather mangle and []), Mariot (20s), Ann (20s), Margt exex (his half of house + garden - she best deserves it); gch Ann Lewin; wife alive; 1714: Ann Harrison als Lewn acks sister Margt Lewine (Douglas) for 20s; 1724: Mariot Lewin acks

1724-1 A 10 LEWIN Ann Cannell bur 19 Apr 1724; ch Ann (in Dublin), Margt (+ ch Robt + Tho)+ Mariot (her part of dwelling house + garden between 2 daus- jt exexs), Robt;

1728-2 E  d  MOORE Marriot LEWN d 6 Oct; sibs Robt Lewn, Margt Mcylrea als Lewn, Ann Harrison als Lewn jt admrs; husb alive - Marriot Lewn (Moore) baptised 1688

1775-3 E w CORLETT Ann lewin ? d 1 jun 1775; husb Thomas exec; dau Ann Quirk


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