THOMAS MYLREA 1773 Douglas

In the name of God Amen

The last will and testament of Thomas Mylrea of the town of Douglas KK Conchan who was a sound mind and memory at the making thereof - First he committed his soul to God and his body to a Christian funeral. Second Item He left his son Thomas sixpence legacy. Item to his son Philip sixpence legacy. Item to his son Edward sixpence legacy. Item to his son William sixpence legacy. Item to his daughter Margaret sixpence legacy. Item to his daughter Mary sixpence legacy. Item to his daughter Anne sixpence legacy. He nominated and appointed his loving wife sole executor of all the rest of his worldly goods and chattels moveable and immoveable.

Witnesses present at the making thereof William Cry my mark X, Jony Cain my mark X

At a Chapel Court holden at Douglas 15th November 1773 The Executor is sworn in Court in form of law and has given pledges for payment of debts and legacies namely Christopher* Waterson of KK Braddan and Philip Mylrea of Douglas, the Executor’s son [ed. *1756 Mortgage Document nominates Christian Waterson]


  1. Thomas married Margaret Cowin about 1739 although no marriage record survives
  2. Absolutely no concrete evidence of who his parents were. He would have been about 10 years younger than Thomas Mylrea (wife Jane Karran) and considerably younger than Thomas Mylrea (wife Margaret Lewn) UNLESS this was a second marriage for Thomas
  3. Could he have been the husband of Margaret Lewn and remarried after Margaret Lewn died in 1738?
  4. Thomas & Margaret (Cowin) had seven children with baptismal records in Braddan: Philip (b1741 m Margaret Lewn), Edward (b1743 m Dorothy Faragher als Kewley in Lonan), Margaret (b1746 m John Crow), William (b1749 m Jane Taggart), John (b1753 died soon after), Mary (b1754 married John Cottier), Ann (b1758 did not marry)
  5. Mention of son Thomas in will (and evidently the oldest surviving son) increases possibility that this was the son of Thomas & Margaret (Lewn)
  6. Baptismal record for their son William's has "Thomas Mylrea (weaver)" - only record of Thomas's occupation
  7. Thomas was buried Braddan 22nd October 1773
  8. Could the Margaret Mylrea (widow) who was buried in Braddan 9th July 1782 be Thomas's wife, Margaret als Cowin?
  9. Margaret Cowin was the daughter of Philip Cowin & Mary Clague. Mary left a legacy to both Margaret and her grandson, Edward
  10. The name Philip, not common in Mylrea clans), recurred in this particular Douglas branch through the generations

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