Petition #45 - 1832 (Ballaugh)

To the honourable Cornelius Smelt, Lieutenant Governor and Chancellor of this Isle etc etc

The humble petition of William Mylrea of Ballaugh, a minor above the age of fourteen years


That your petitioner is desirous to have guardians assigned over him for the protection of his property. He recommends his mother, Eleanor Mylrea, and Thomas Caine of Ballaugh as proper persons

He therefore prays that they may be sworn in usual form

John Kelly for the petitioner

At a Chancery Court holden at Castle Rushen the 5th April 1832

Upon hearing this petition and consideration had thereof, it appears to be necessary that some proper persons should be appointed guardians over the petitioner and Elleanor Mylrea, widow, and Thomas Caine of Ballaugh having been proposed to this Court as fit and proper persons for this purpose, the said Eleanor Mylrea and Thomas Caine were accordingly sworn in Court to well and truly sworn in Court to administer the estates real and personal of the petitioner to his greatest benefit and advantage, and the said Eleanor Mylrea and Thomas Caine were hereby appointed guardians of the said petitioner with full and ample power to act and transact all matters and things in their capacity as guardians for and in the name of their ward, and it is hereby ordered and decreed that whatever the said guardians shall lawfully do or cause to be done in the premises shall be as good, binding and effectual upon and against their said ward and all persons claiming or to claim by, from or under him as if he were of full age and in his own proper person had done and executed the same and it is hereby further ordered that the said guardians do return to this Court a full, true and particular account of all their acts, receipts, transactions and proceedings in the premises when thereunto lawfully required.


[Ref: Chancery Court Petitions 1832 #45]


  1. Ballacorraige
  2. The petitioner, a minor named William Mylrea, was the son and heir-at-law of William Mylrea of Ballacorraige who was drowned in 1816, leaving the family in a parlous state financially. William jnr was about 17 years of age at the time of this petition
  3. This is the third set of guardians William has had since his father died:
    • William Cain & Thomas Kaneen 1816
    • William & John Cain 1824
    • his mother Eleanor & Thomas Caine 1832
  4. These Cain guardians might have been his mother's brothers, but no document identifies any relationship
  5. Prior to this petition, part of the estate was sold to settle debts, left by NIcholas jnr, William's grandfather. However, the returns from the sale should have been sufficient to pay off all outstanding debts on the estate even though that was not the wording of a petition in 1827, seeking permission to sell the inherited lands of Ballacorraige
  6. This petition is the last sighting of any of this Mylrea family although Ann, oldest daughter of Elinor and William, MIGHT have married James Corlett in 1836

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