ELLINOR MYLREA als CAIN to Thomas Kelly

MORTGAGE - 1821 (Ballaugh)

Know all men by these presents that I Ellinor Mylrea (widow) of the parish of Ballaugh diverse good causes and reasons me hereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the just sum of twenty-five pounds currency of Great Britain to me in hand already paid and satisfied by, at and from the hands of Thomas Kelly of the parish of Jurby have given, granted, alienated, passed over and mortgaged and by these presents do give, grant, alienate, pass over and mortgage unto him the said Thomas Kelly all and singular the whole of my right and proportion of the Quarterland of Ballacorraige situate in the parish of Ballaugh aforesaid and of such annual Lord’s rent as the Setting Quest of said parish shall adjust thereon to have and to hold unto the said Thomas Kelly his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the said premises with all ways, waters, watercourses, easements, liberties, buildings edifices and appurtenances to the same belonging commencing from the day of the date hereof and so to continue from year at, after, until the said sum of twenty-five pounds British and all costs and charges attending this mortgage be fully repaid and satisfied pursuant to the tenor of the Act of Settlement provided nevertheless that the said Ellinor Mylrea, my heirs and assigns are to occupy and reap the profits and issues of the premises during the demise thereby binding and obliging myself, my heirs and assigns to pay unto the said Thomas Kelly, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the yearly interest of the said principal sum at the rate of six percent per annum at the end of each and every year as the same becomes due but in default and failure of such payment of the said interest as the same becomes due, then it shall and may be lawful for the mortgagee to enter upon the possession of the premises at the end of any one year of this demise and to have, hold and enjoy the profits and issues of the said premises from year to year afterwards until the said principal and all arrears of interest and all costs and charges attending this mortgage be fully repaid and satisfied, anything to the contrary notwithstanding and for the true and faithful performance of all and singular the before written Deed of Mortgage I the said Ellinor Mylrea do hereby bind and oblige myself my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty of fifty pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law. As witness my subscription this the 24th day of February one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one 1821. Elinor Mylrea my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of John Tear, Thomas Corlett

At KK Michael the 28th February 1821 Ellinor Mylrea the executing party to the before written Deed of Mortgage acknowledged the same to be her proper act and deed. Before me J.McHutchin

At a Court Baron hold at KK Michael the 11th day of April 1821 the execution of the foregoing Deed of Mortgage having been acknowledged before a Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection against it the same is therefore ordered to be recorded. J.Quirk

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Kelly of the Ballameanaugh in the parish of Jurby do acknowledge to have received from John Cain and William Cain guardians of William Mylrea son and heir at law of William Mylrea deceased the sum of twenty-five pounds British being the principal sum of a certain Deed of Mortgage granted by Elleanor Mylrea widow to me on certain lands situate in Ballaugh part of the Quarterland of Ballacorraige which said Deed bares the date the 24th February 1821 and I do acknowledge to have received all interest, costs and charges due thereon and do desire that the said Deed be cancelled on record. As witness my subscription this 4th June 1825. Thomas Kelly

Signed in presence of William Kelly, Ellen Crow

At Ramsey 26th July 1825 William Kelly and Ellen Crow the subscribing witnesses to the before written receipt made oath on the Holy Evangelist that Thomas Kelly duly executed the said receipt in their presence before me John Llewellyn

Senechal’s Office 6th August 1825 Cancelled by virtue of the annexed receipt and discharge by me. J.Quirk (Senechal)

[Ref NSM May 1821 #12]


  1. Elinor (Caine) married William Mylrea, oldest son of Nicholas Mylrea jnr, in 1806 in Ballaugh
  2. Nicholas jnr settled upon his son William the family's Ballacorraige estate in 1810, and William immediately mortaged the estate for £200. In 1816, he sold off two pieces of the estate for £21/15/-, perhaps to meet his ongoing mortgage commitments
  3. Elinor's husband William was drowned in a fishing incident in 1816, leaving her a widow with five children ranging in age from 9 to 3, and another child on the way
  4. This current mortgage with Thomas Kelly must have been to continue servicing the original mortgage. It was cancelled in 1825 when the estate was remortgaged by Elinor's son's guardians
  5. In 1825, the guardians of William jnr took a mortgage for £284 with Thomas Kelly, presumably to consolidate the debt over Ballacorraige and hopefully save the estate for William's son, William jnr
  6. Despite her best efforts, the estate was finally sold, probably in the 1830s, to settle outstanding debts and there is no evidence of what might have happened to this Mylrea family

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