NICHOLAS MYLREA jnr & WILLIAM KNEEN to Ballaugh church wardens

MORTGAGE - 1785 (Ballaugh)

Whereas William Kneen late of the parish of Ballaugh but now of KK Michael with the joint consent of his wife Catherine Kneen did by Deed bearing date 26th of October 1765 grant and demise in mortgage to the Reverend Matthias Curghey then Vicar General and Rector of Ballaugh, since deceased, a certain parcel of cottage or Intack land situate at the Curragh side in the parish of Ballaugh, distinguished and known by the name of Kneen’s Croft for the consideration money of twelve pounds currency of this Island until payment thereof

And whereas the said Matthias Curghey did bequeath unto his kinsman Robert Curghey of Sulby in Lezayre the growing interest, issues and profits of said mortgage during his natural life and after the decease of the said Robert Curghey, he bequeathed the said mortgage to his successors the Rectors of Ballaugh and to the Wardens of said parish for the time being in trust that they the said Rector and Wardens should from time to time pay unto the school master from time to time the interest arising out of the said principal for the said Master’s better encouragement to be diligent and careful in the discharge of his duty as by the will of the said deceadent bearing date the first day of July 1770 now extant upon the Archdeacon’s Registry of this Isle may at large appear

And whereas the said William Kneen and Catherine his said wife did by Deed of Contact bearing date the 17th December 1774 grant and settle upon their daughter and heiress Margaret, now wife of Nicholas Mylrea of Ballaugh, aforesaid premised parcel of land the one moiety thereof in present possession and the other half after their decease whereby it appears that the right of redemption of and respecting said mortgage appertains to the said Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret his said wife

And whereas the said mortgage if not redeemed on or before the 26th of October next ensuing the date hereof will be a lapsed mortgage to prevent which the Reverand Daniel Gelling Rector of Ballaugh, James Corlett, Daniel Caley, David Kneen and Philip Killip, Church Wardens of said parish have consented to accept of a fresh Deed of Mortgage of the said premises parcel for the said consideration money and will and desires that the said original Deed of Mortgage dated the 26th of October 1765 be forthwith cancelled upon the Manorial Records of this Isle where the same remains

Now know all men by these presents that I the said Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea otherwise Kneen my wife by and with the joint consent and free approbation of William Kneen and Catherine his said wife for and in consideration of the said sum of twelve pounds paid and satisfied unto us in the manner before specified

Have given, granted, demised and mortgaged unto them the said Rector and Wardens and their successors in said trust in all and every the said premised parcel called Kneen’s Croft as aforesaid

To have and to hold unto them the said Rector and Wardens and their successors in said trust the said premises with all and every its ways, waters, watercourses, easements and appurtenances to the same belonging for and during the period of five years commencing the 26th October and in case of non-payment of said sum upon the end of said term the said mortgagees are to continue possession of said premises from year to year after until said sum with all costs and charges attending his mortgage be fully repaid and satisfied, and pursuant to the tenor of the Act of Settlement yielding and paying the Lord’s Rent of the premises being six pence halfpenny with all boons, suits and services annually incumbent on the premises, provided nevertheless that we the said mortgagors are to occupy and reap the benefits of the premises during this demise, hereby obliging ourselves to pay unto the said Robert Curghey during his life and unto the Rector and Wardens and their successors in said trust for the use and purpose mentioned in the will of said Matthias Curghey the interest of one shilling per pound yearly upon the expiration of each and every year of this demise out of said principal sum, but in default and failure of such repayment of said interest upon the time prefixed that then it shall and may be lawful for the said mortgagees and their successors in said trust to enter upon and continue the possession of said premises from year to year afterwards until the ……………. interest behind and in arrears with all costs and charges attending this mortgage be fully repaid and satisfied, anything to the contrary notwithstanding

And for the faithful performance of all and singular this Deed of Mortgage, I the said Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea my wife and also the said William Kneen and Catherine Kneen his wife do bind and oblige and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty of thirty pounds sterling.

As witness our subscription or marks to our names this 15th day of December 1785. Nicholas Mylrea, Margaret Mylrea my mark X, William Kneen my X, Catherine Kneen my X

Signed and delivered in presence of Thomas Stephen, Dan Stephen

15th December 1785 Nicholas Mylrea, Margaret Mylrea, William Kneen and Cath Kneen acknowledged the beforewritten Deed of Mortgage to be their proper act and deed and to be paid the consideration money therein mentioned. Before me Robert Farrant

We the Setting Quest of the parish of Ballaugh do hereby certify that the yearly Lord’s Rent of the premises of the beforegoing Deed of Mortgage is sixpence halfpenny. As witness our subscription this 12th of May 1786. William Corlett, John Craine, Thomas Craine, John Corlett

At a Court Baron holden at KK Michael for the parishes of Michael, Ballaugh and Jurby the 16th May 1786 the beforewritten Deed of Mortgage being proved before the High Bailiff of Peeltown and now openly published in Court and no material objection offered against it is therefore allowed for and in the name and behalf of the most noble John Duke of Atholl and Lord of Man & the Isles and confirmed by this Court.

Robert Heywood

Seneshal Office 29th November 1786


Cancelled by virtue of the annexed discharge. John Cosnahan, Seneshal

Know all men by these presents that we the Rector and Wardens of Ballaugh have received the consideration money being twelve pounds Manx in a Bill of Mortgage granted by William Kneen and Nicholas Mylrea bearing date the 15th December 1785, together with the interest till now unpaid and due as also all fees and necessary expenses thereon expended by us of Nicholas Mylrea aforesaid and do therefore desire and are well pleased that the aforesaid original Deed of Mortgage be cancelled upon record. Witness our subscription this the 7th day of December 1805. Dan Mylrea, Rector Signed in presence of ? Stephen, curate of Ballaugh, William Corlett, parish clerk, William Kewley, Thomas Keig, Robert Corlett, John Clark, wardens

At Ramsey the 24th November 1806 The Reverend Archdeacon Daniel Mylrea, Rector of Ballaugh, William Kewley, Thomas Keig, Robert Corlett, John Clark, wardens of the said parish the ……….. unto the beforewritten receipt acknowledged the same to be their proper act and deed

[Ref: NSM May 1785 #15]


  1. Ballacorraige
  2. Nicholas Mylrea jnr & Margaret Kneen were married in 1774
  3. The other party to this Mortgage, William Kneen, was Margaret's father
  4. Nicholas Mylrea jnr was the son of Nicholas Mylrea snr, who had been left nothing of significance by his father William Mylrea who died in 1733. Nicholas snr had managed to establish his own estate known as Ballacorriage, by purchasing land from his older brother Thomas, who inherited Ballacooiley
  5. Nicholas jnr received the Ballacorraige estate through his Marriage Contract, and Kneen's Croft became part of that estate when Margaret's parents contributed land to the Marriage Contract for the young couple (although it was not specifically identified in the contract)
  6. This mortgage was repaid in 1806, the year Nicholas jnr re-mortgaged Nich's Field
  7. This mortgage seems to be the first of many taken by Nicholas jnr over the next two decades. The Ballacorraige estate was eventually lost to this Mylrea family, no doubt because of the profligate ways of NIcholas jnr.

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