QUIT CLAIM - 1775 (Ballaugh)

Whereas William Kneen of the parish of Ballaugh and also his father Michael Kneen as well as their predecessors for time immemorial happened through a mistake to be entered for a certain parts or parcels of cottage and Intack land held and uninterruptedly possessed and enjoyed by Thomas Kneen of the said parish and his predecessors for time immemorial one of the said parts or parcels being situate at the curraugh side in said parish commonly known and distinguished by the name of Thomas Kneen’s croft and adjoining the rent of Thomas Cowley (Nicholas) on the south, to the rent of said William Kneen on the west, to the road or way leading to the curraugh on the north, and to the lane or way leading to said curragh road on the east, being of the annual Lord’s Rent of three half pence together with another parcel of cottage land lying adjacent to the above and former described parcel known by the name of Cooile–noa bearing the yearly Lord’s Rent of one half-penny as also with another part or parcel of Intack land in Slieu Volley of the annual Lord’s Rent of one penny the two last recited parts or parcels being situate in said parish of Ballaugh and for time out of mind continued in the quiet and peacable possession of the said Thomas Kneen and his predecessors as well as the first mentioned part or parcel until of late the said William Kneen seeming discontented that the whole rent of the above parcels was incumbent on him in regard he was entered for the same as aforesaid and expressly named in the rental charge of the Lord’s Rent of said parish as liable to pay the same yearly but in order to put a final stop and period to all future disputed differences or anomalies that may or might at any time hereafter arise and touching the said Thomas Kneen’s or his successors’ right, title and property to the above recited premises I the said William Kneen with the consent of Catherine Kneen als Cowley my wife and Nicholas Mylrea (my son-on-law) with the joint consent of Margaret Mylrea als Kneen his wife do hereby relinquish, quit claim and give up all manner of right, title, property or any pretensions of right or claim which heretofore we might have, now have or hereafter may or might pretend to the above described recited premises unto the above said Thomas Kneen, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns absolutely forever from us, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns unto all and every the land and houses and concerns in all aspects whatsoever which the said Thomas Kneen hath already in possession he the said Thomas Kneen having already in consideration of the before foregoing Quit Claim relinquished pretension of right to the beforegoing premises unto us the said William Kneen and Nicholas Mylrea the sum of one pound ten shillings currency of this Isle the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge and do discharge him of the same forever and for the faithful and punctual performance of all and singular the before going Quit Claim and every sentence herein before contained and all parties before going named and concerned do hereby bind and firmly oblige themselves, each party to the other, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns respectively (in case of non-performance) under the penalty of two hundred pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law and practice within this Isle. In testimony whereof we have hereunto subscribed or caused to be subscribed our marks to our names this 10th day of April 1775. William Kneen my mark X, Cath Kneen als Cowley her mark X, Nicholas Mylrea my mark X, Margaret Mylrea als Kneen her mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of William Corlett, Dan Stephen

12th March 1779 William Kneen, Cath Kneen, Nicholas Mylrea, Margaret Mylrea the executing parties to the within and above written Deed of Quit Claim acknowledged the same to be his proper act and deed. Before me Robert Farrant

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at Peeltown for Michael Sheading the 14th day of May 1779

The before written Deed of Quit Claim being acknowledged before the High Bailiff of Peel and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same therefore is allowed of, for and in the name and behalf of the most noble John, Duke of Atholl, Lord of the Manor of Mann & the Isles and confirmed by this Court. John Quayle

[Ref: N/SSS May 1779 #24]


  1. Ballacorraige
  2. Nicholas jnr was oldest son of Nicholas snr & Joney als Cowin, born 1747 in Ballaugh; Margaret was the daughter of William & Cath Kneen
  3. They married and had 7 children in Ballaugh: William (1777), Margaret (1778), William (1781), Catherine (1784), John (1786), Thomas (1789), James (1792)
  4. In 1789, Nicholas jnr & Margaret had begun to mortgage parts of "the estate" created by the collection of Mylrea & Kneen lands from their Marriage Contract
  5. Ultimately Nicholas jnr lost all of the assets provided to him by his family and by the Kneens in the Marriage Contract
  6. Sons William and James died in a fishing tragedy; sons John and Thomas left Ballaugh and established their families in Andreas and Bride respectively. Several of their sons migrated to America or Australia

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