NICHOLAS MYLREA jnr to James Bennett

SALE - 1810 (Ballaugh)

Know all men by these presents that I Nicholas Mylrea of the parish of Ballaugh by and with the joint consent of Margaret Mylrea otherwise Kneen my wife divers good causes and reasons me here unto moving but chiefly and more especially for and in consideration of the sum twelve pounds twelve shillings British to me in hand now paid and satisfied at, by and from the hands of James Bennett esq of Knockold in said parish of Ballaugh

Have given, granted, bargained, confirmed and sold and by those presents do hereby give, grant, bargain, confirm and forever absolutely sell unto the said James Bennett all and singular the whole of my proportion and part of the Intack land situate in Ballaugh and commonly known as Kneenland in the Slue Volly and adjoining the Boil Renny on the east

To have and to hold unto the said James Bennett, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the said premises with all and every its ways, waters, watercourses, buildings, edifices, easements and appurtenances to the same belonging and in any wise pertaining forever as aforesaid, commencing from the day of the date hereof, he the said purchaser yielding and paying the annual chief rent of the premises with all boons, suits services annually incumbent thereon. And I the said Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea my said wife do hereby awarrant, maintain and defend the said premises in the peaceable possession and enjoyment of the said James Bennett, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns against the right, title, claim, challenge and demand of all persons whomsoever, anything to the contrary notwithstanding

And for the faithful performance of all and singular the before written Deed of Sale I the said Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea otherwise Kneen my wife do bind and oblige myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty of twenty-five pounds of the like currency to be levied and paid according to law

As witness our subscription this fifth day of May one thousand eight hundred and ten 1810. Nicholas Mylrea (script) Margaret Mylrea my mark X

Signed and delivered in presence of Wm Mylrea, John Teare

2nd day of October 1812 Nicholas Mylrea one of the executing parties to the beforewritten Deed of Sale acknowledged the same to be his proper act and to be paid the consideration therein mentioned and John Tear one of the subscribing witnesses maketh oath that Margaret Mylrea the other executing party duly signed and executed the same in his presence and in presence of other witnesses Before me Ewan Gill

We the Setting Quest of Ballaugh whose names ensue do settle on the premises within mentioned to pay the yearly Lord’s Rent of threepence Intack rent as witness our subscription this 3rd day of October 1812. John Teare, John Craine, John Caley, Wm Cowley

At a Court Baron holden at KK Michael for the parishes of Michael Ballaugh and Jurby the 8th day of October 1812 The beforewritten Deed having been acknowledged and proved before an High Bailiff and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is ordered to be recorded. Tho Gawne

[Ref: Oct 1812 #8]


  1. Nicholas Mylrea jnr & Margaret Kneen were married in 1774
  2. Kneenland was probably whatever remained of the three parcels of land contributed by Margaret's parents to her 1774 Marriage Contract with Nicholas Mylrea jnr. The sale price would tend to suggest that the land was not especially large or valuable Ellen beg was sold in 1808 for £86
  3. Earlier in 1810 there was a Settlement on William from his parents, endowing him with the "family estate" although it is questionable whethere there was actually anything for William to receive other than mortgaged land
  4. Margaret died 4th December 1810, five months after this sale

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