MARRIAGE CONTRACT - 1707 (Ballaugh)

Articles of Marriage condiconed, covenanted, agreed and concluded upon by and between Jon Cowle and Ann his wife for and in the behalf of their daughter Kath on the one part and William McYlrea for and in the behalf of himself on the other part as follows.

Imprimis It is agreed upon that William and Katherine shall enter into the holy estate of matrimony at or before the fifth of August next ever loving God and Holy Church permitting and allowing the same.

Secondly It is agreed and concluded upon that in consideration that the young couple do come now to live with us and help us in our old age do give them in present possession immediately after their marriage half of all our houses and lands with half of all our goods moveable and immoveable and the young couple to pay half of all our debts and to live with us and be helpful to us during the longer liver of us and after the death of the longer liver of us the young couple is to enjoy the other half of all our houses and lands with all the rest of our goods except forty shill sterling which they reserved to be then at their own disposal and if it please God to call for their daughter Kath without time to enjoy the premises that then the houses and lands shall fall to themselves our Executors paying unto our intended son half of all the debt now upon the said lands being the sum of three pounds (ij) which we are equally to pay betwixt us that is to say forty shillings to Thomas Corlett and twenty-two shillings to our son John which he my intended son is to be paid and satisfied or the houses and lands till he will be paid.

Thirdly it is agreed and concluded upon that the said William Mylrea shall give unto his intended father and mother Jon Cowle and Ann his wife half of all his goods whatsoever immediately after his marriage, and to live and be helpful to them as abovesaid. Further the said Jon and Ann his wife do oblige themselves that they shall not dispose of any part of their goods to their other children without the consent of their intended son William McYlrea, only the one half of the heifer ……. for his daughter Margaret, that is in Ballakiney and what is above excepted.

Fourthly And lastly both parties have bound themselves either to the other their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to perform the above condicones in the penalty and forfeiture of twenty pound sterling in nature of all other fines. As witness our names and marks this the 28th of July 1707. Jon Cowle his mark X, Ann Cowle her mark X, William McYlrea his mark X, Kath Cowle her mark X

Signed and delivered in the presence of us Thomas Corlett, William Corlett

26th February 1707 All the parties subscribed have acknowledged all the within and above articles to be their voluntary act and deed. Before me Dan Mcylrea

At a Sheading Court holden the 14th October 1707 This contract being acknowledged before the Deemster and published in Court and no objections made therefore the same is confirmed according to law. Robert Maudsley, Chris Parker, William Sedden

[Ref: NSS Ballaugh Old Deed #20]


  1. William & Katherine were married in Ballaugh 30th July 1707, two days after this Contract was concluded
  2. William was the second son of Thomas Mylrea of Ballacooiley (and Margaret Craine who died in 1684)
  3. The family estate passed to William's brother John but because he died without issue, it went to William's older son, Thomas
  4. William & Katherine had 7 children of whom 3 reached adulthood: Thomas (b1708), Edward (1711), Daniel (1712-1713), Nicholas (1716), William (1722-1723), John (1725), William (1728-1729)
  5. An entry in the Ballaugh Baptism Register for son Thomas in 1708 lists William as a weaver
  6. His father's died in 1711 and left William 7 or 8 shills and if that would not satisfy him, that he might take his course which doesn't sound very father-like

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