Will - 1758 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh 1759

This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses to be the last will and testament of Catherine Stephan als Cowle who departed this life on the 29th of September Anno Predicto 1758 being in perfect mind and memory at the making hereof.

First She committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.

Secondly She bequeathed her cloak to her neighbour Anne Cowle wife of her cousin Matthew Cowle and her new pair of shoes to Anne Cowle daughter of said Matthew Cowle.

She bequeathed the bed whereon she then lay as the same was then to her son John Mylrea with three pewter dishes, a small white chest, and a barrel he having not received any goods from her before.

To her grandson John Mylrea a tub of barley.

And lastly she nominated an appointed her two sons Nicholas Mylrea and John Mylrea aforesaid joint executors of all the rest of her effects moveable and immoveable whatsoever excepting a shilling or eighteen pence each to the witnesses hereof.

Witnesses Margaret Corlet her mark X, Isabel Calister her mark X ] jurati

At Court of Correction holden at KK Michael March 7 1759 Margaret Corlet one of the witnesses to the within will being sister to Anne Cowle one of the legatees and aunt to Anne Cowle another legatee the will is decreed valid saving the legacies to the above persons against the payment whereof the executors have objected whereupon the executors are sworn in Court in form of law and have given pledges namely William Bodaugh and Thomas Corlet both of Ballaugh

Probatum est & solvit 12d

Ro: Radcliff, Matthew Curghey


  1. Widow of William Mylrea, younger brother of John, the steward of Ballacooiley. He married Catherine Cowle on 30th July 1707
  2. William died 1733; Katherine married William Stephan 1737
  3. Three surviving sons: Thomas (b1708) who inherited Ballacooiley when William's older brother John died without issue, Nicholas (b1716) & John (b1725)
  4. By the time Katherine died, her oldest son Thomas was long dead, his widow Isabel Killip had remarried, and their one surviving child, John, was 20 years of age and recently married to Jane Clark. He became the new master of Ballacooiley
  5. Her son Nicholas purchased Ballacorraige land from his brother in 1740 and established another "Mylrea estate"
  6. Katherine's son John "who had not received any goods from her before" was most likely John Mylrea, the cooper of Ramsey, who married Ann Howland in 1749

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