Will - 1665 (Ballaugh)


The last will and testament of John Malerea who departed this life the fifth of June 1665.

First he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial.

Item he bequeathed to the poor 3 ………… for ……. of malt and the rest at the discretion of the executors.

Item he left his heire his part of the crop of corn.

Item he constituted and ordained that his said heir Tho: Maclerea and the rest of his children viz William, John and Philip Malerea his true and lawful executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable ………… he left all his lands to his wife but all the ……. ……. ……. ………

Item he left his ….. of ……. riding horse for his ….. ……. wife

Debts due from the …. to him 25s

Probatum est et solvit 6s

The supervisor Thomas Mcleyreah is to be sworn by the Minister and ……………

Testes Philip ……., Gilbert Cannell} jurati

The inventory to be brought in within one month sub pena a double the value.

The inventory brought in prized by John Killey, Gilbert Cannell, John Cowle, Philip Gawne

Item his part of the cattle £3/5/-

2 [parts?] of a mare & colt 7/-

Linen & woolen with all household ….. 13/-

In the hands of Thomas Cannell for his part 12/6

Pledges seconda forman legis Finlo Quayle, Don Clarke


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. Buried 5th June 1665
  3. This man was the father of Thomas Mylrea of Ballacooiley, who married Margaret Craine in the early 1670s and after she died in 1684, Joney Craine
  4. John's will tells that he had four sons: Thomas, William, John, Philip. No record of baptism for Thomas, William & John. Philip baptised 1st June 1665
  5. Potentiallly had a daughter Margaret baptised 1659 and another in 1660; son Patrick in baptism register 1657 must also have died
  6. A burial record for an Ellin Stephan als McYlrea Ballnacooiley in 1709 might be for John's widow - there are not other candidates and she could well have remarried after John's early death
  7. No confirmed information about sons William, John or Philip

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