December 10th 1810

This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses to be the last Will and Testament of Margaret Mylrea als Kneen being of perfect mind and memory at the making hereof – and having committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial, the disposal of her worldly goods and effects as follows: First, she left to her son John her part of the boat and her part of the herring nets Secondly, to her daughters Margaret and Catherine her wearing clothe and her part of the wool and of the feathers? that was in the house and one … a piece equally between them Thirdly, to her niece Ann Kneen, her spinning wheel Fourthly, she left to her two sons Thomas Mylrea and James Mylrea all the rest of her goods and effects moveable and immoveable whatsoever Lastly she appointed and ordained her loving husband sole executor of the best of her goods whatsoever To her son William, one shilling, And to the witnesses of this will one shilling each

Witnesses present Cath Corkhill her mark X, Ellinor Radcliffe her mark X] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Michael 29th October 1811 notwithstanding this will is proved by one witness yet as no objection has been made the executor is sworn in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely John Tear of the parish of KK Michael and John Callister of Ballaugh

Probatum est .... Cubbon


  1. Margaret was born 1751, parents William Kneen & Katherine Cowley
  2. She married Nicholas Mylrea jnr in 1774 in Ballaugh. He was the great grandson of Thomas Mylrea & Margaret Crain, Ballacooiley; grandson of William Mylrea & Catherine Cowle, Ballacooiley, and son of Nicholas Mylrea snr & Joney Cowin, Ballacorraige
  3. Seven children - William (1777), Margaret (1778), William (1781), Catherine (1784 ), John (1786), Thomas (1789), James (1792)
  4. Margaret married John Moughtin; Catherine + James Kneen; William + Elinor Caine; John + Elizabeth Garrett; Thomas + Jane Teare; James + Catherine Kelly
  5. (Second) William received the "family estate" which had been formed via the Marriage Contract between his parents, although it is questionable whether there was indeed any "estate" to be passed on
  6. Sons William & James were drowned in a fishing accident off the coast of Andreas, John became a tailor in Andreas, and Thomas a blacksmith went first to Andreas and then to Bride
  7. Nicholas jnr died 1823. His family had scattered and the "family estate" gone. He did not leave a will
  8. Two of John's sons migrated: James to the US & John to Australia; the sons of Thomas migrated to the US where one of his grandsons became an Attorney General & politician in Wisconsin

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