NICHOLAS MYLREA snr Will - 1784 (Ballaugh)

[originally provided by Tim Davis to Brian Lawson]

Ballaugh Janry.24th.1784

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Nichls.Mylrea senr.of the said Parish of Ballaugh, being of Perfect mind and Memory at the making hereof. And having Committed his Soul to God and Body to Christian Burial he Disposed of his Worldly Goods and Effects as follows Vizt.:

[P]rimis He Bequeathed and Willed to his Son in Law Maths.Oats his best Coat and his best Pair of Breeches a pettey or Jackett and an old big Coat and to his said Son in Law's Eldest Daughter a sheep and a Lamb.

[It]m. He left to his Son in Law William Quayle a sheep and a lamb together with his best big Coat and two Vests & a Pair of blue Breetches and also his Part of that sum of Money which appears by a Bill of Mortgage in a parcell of Intack Land which Belongs to James Crellin of the Town of Douglas Distinguished by the Name of Clos beg-y-Onchan Situated in the sd.parish beforementioned to be Equally between his said Son in Law William Quayle and his Youngest Son Thos.Mylrea Provided that the said sum be not Levied of his aftermentioned Executrix ? the Term of the said Bill of Mortgage be Expired and the said Sum be fully paid and Satisfied.

[It]m. He left to his Eldest son Nichls.Mylrea two Coats and a pair of Brown Breetches and his part of whatsoever Sum of Money his Said Son Nichs.Owed him and his Part of whatsoever Corn his said Son Owed him.

[It]m.He left to his said Son Nichs.Mylrea's two Children Namely Willm. and sheep each. Item.He left to the Poor of Ballaugh one pound four shillings Six pence to be laid out st Interest which said Interest to disposed of Yearly by the Care of the Church Wardens of? and Six pence each to every one that Contendeth and ? abideth by this Will that Claimeth or Sues for more.

Item.He Named and appointed that if in Case his said Eldest Son [Nich] Mylrea would make any Disturbance with the Executive in respect to any Matter or thing that he was to be Excluded [in] the Legacy that was left him. Item.He left one Shilling legacy each to the witnesses.

Finally.He Nominated, Constituted & Appointed his Daughter M[argt] Mylrea Sole Executrix of all the Rest of his Goods and ? Movable and Immovable of what kind or Denomin[ation] Soever.

Witnesses Robt.Corlett his Mrk.X, Thomas Kelly his Mrk X} jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Michael June ? 1704 The sworn in Court in form of Law & hath given Pledges for payment of sd. Legacies namely the witnesses of the will


Probatum est



January 6th, 1785: Matthias Oates enters a claim against the executrix of Nicholas Mylrea . . .

April 30th, 1787, Maughold: John Wattleworth enters against the executrix of Jane Casement . . .

At Ramsey 22nd June 1787: The claimant having with his wife Esther Wattleworth proved the sum of four pounds seven shillings and nine pence British, ordered therefor that said sum be paid and discharged by Mary Casement the executrix of the last will and testament of jane Casement deceased . . .

I Daniel Boddaugh one of the wardens of the parish of Ballaugh do hereby acknowledge to have received the sum of one pound four shillings and sixpence the same being a legacy bequeathed the poor of said parish by the last will and testament of Nicholas Mylrea . . .

I Nicholas Mylrea junior son of the within testator Nicholas Mylrea senior do hereby acknowledge to have received the several articles bequeathed and by the last will and testament of my father Nicholas Mylrea senior, as also the two sheep bequeathed my children William and Margaret. . .

I Matthias Oates do hereby acknowledge to have received the best coat, the best pair of breeches, a petty or jacket and an old big coat . . this 6th January 1785.


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. Born 1716, second son of William Mylrea and Katherine Cowle (Ballacooiley) so obliged to make his own way in the world
  3. Older brother Thomas, who took over Ballacooiley, sold him Ballacorraige land in 1740 which probably gave Nicholas his start
  4. Nicholas married Joney Cowin 1746: 8 children of whom 5 survived; Nicholas jnr b1747 married Margaret Kneen; Mary b1754 married Robert Clague; Ann b1756 married Matthew Oates, Catherine b1759 married William Quayle; Thomas b1762 might have been alive when his mother died (1795) but had gone to Liverpool to live
  5. In 1844, Nicholas became supervisor/mentor to Thomas's son John who was only 6 years old when his father died, aged 35, and leaving the family estate mired in debt
  6. Nicholas Mylrea snr was 68 when he died
  7. The Margaret Mylrea appointed executrix of Nicholas's will must be Mary, his oldest daughter who married Robert Clague, because there was no record of a Margaret in the family
  8. Curious that there's no mention of wife Joney als Cowin even though she was alive at the time of his death
  9. His elder son Nicholas jnr had clearly fallen from grace by the tone of his father's will. He had borrowed money from his father but under Manx laws, was still legally entitled to inherit his father's lands. Ultimately Nicholas jnr lost all of the family's assets through debt by the time his wife died in 1810

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