Will - 1711 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh, Mar 14th 1711
This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Thomas McYlrea of Balnecooley who was buried on ye first instant, being in perfect mind & memory at the making thereof. Iprimus he committed his soul to God and body to Christian burial.

Item He bequeathed to his son-in-law in Oolikan in KK Braddan a firlet of wheat.

To his son Wm Mcylrea 7 or 8 shills and if that would not satisfy him, that he might take his course.

Item He left to 3 others of his children vizt Thomas, Jane & Wm 20s apiece.

He also bequeathed to his son John (if his exrs hereafter named should allow of the same) 4 bowls of oates, a bowl of barley, half a firlet of wheat, a firlet of rye, and a firlet of placket.

Lastly he constituted his loving wife & daughter Nelly full & joint exrs of all the rest of his goods moveable & immoveable whatsoever.

Witnesses Thomas Curlet, Thomas Crain] jurati

The exrs sworn in Court in form of law

Probatum est & solvit 1s

Pledges to secure the office, & the witnesses of the will

Febr 1st 1712: Will: Mcylvea enters his claime agt ye exrs of his father

Thomas Mcylrea for 3d? due debt & craveth ye law



  1. Thomas was the oldest of four sons of John Mylrea, and born early 1650s
  2. John Mylrea died in 1665, and his children were all under age although Thomas was nominated as their supervisor, even though John's unnamed wife was still alive
  3. No further confirmed sightings of Thomas's younger brothers William, John & Philip, the last born in 1665
  4. A burial record for an Ellin Stephan als McYlrea Ballnacooiley in 1709 might be for Thomas's mother who might have married again after her husband John died in 1665
  5. Thomas married first Margaret Craine (1671/1672?) then after Margaret's death, Joney Craine (c1685)
  6. Five children with Margaret - Ann b1673, Catherine b1678, Thomas b1676-1681, William b1682, Margaret b1684
  7. Several children with Joney - Jane 1687, Ellin 1689, Daniel 1796, Jane 1698, Mary 1703, William 1705 + John 1687
  8. Birth records have not survived to show the arrival of all of the children AND burial records have not survived for the period in which some of the children died
  9. Thomas’s will did not provide a legacy to Catherine but did to Ellin (Nelly) & Jane who were not married by 1711. He mentions all of his sons, and his son-in-law in Oolikan, who is Margaret's husband
  10. Catherine (MEYLREA) might have married Gilbert Cowley in Onchan in 1721. It is not entirely clear whether this is the Thomas's daughter because (a) she would have been single at the time of her father's death as Nelly & Jane were, and (b) she would have been over 40
  11. First Thomas (b1680) must have died for William (b1682) was born, and after oldest son's birth in 1676-1681
  12. John married Margaret Corkill in 1705, and died without issue.
  13. William married Katherine Cowle 1707, and had three surviving sons - Thomas (23), Nicholas (17) & John (8) - at the time of his death. Thomas became heir-at-law to Ballacooiley when uncle John did not have children
  14. Ellin married (another) William Clague in 1717 in Ballaugh and died 1762 in Braddan
  15. Nothing has been established as to the fate of Thomas jnr but he was mentioned in the will of his brother William II in 1713
  16. Jane married Oates Killey in 1727 and died 1764
  17. William II died of smallpox in 1713 at the age of 8
  18. The next generation shows 2 of his 3 surviving sons had children (if Thomas is included), and four of his surviving daughters had children
  19. Thomas snr was buried at Ballaugh 1st March 1711
  20. Second wife Joney Craine married John Curlet in 1712

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