Will - 1733 (Ballaugh)

[originally submitted by Joyce M Oates to Brian Lawson]

Ballaugh 1733

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of William Mcylrea of the parish of Ballaugh, who departed this life about the 30th of March being in perfect mind and memory at the making thereof.

First, he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial.

Item, he left unto his son Thomas Mcylrea his share of all his houses and lands, in consideration of which he ordered his said son Thomas to pay unto his son John three pounds, moreover he left unto his son John three sheep and three lambs.

He left unto his loving wife his share of four pewter dishes, his share of the feather bed, of a rug and two blankets, his share of the black cow and of a little chest.

And lastly, he appointed and constituted his two sons Thomas and Nicholas Mcylrea whole executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable.

Witnesses: William Bridson, Philip Corlet.

At a Consistory Court in KK Michael, May 31, 1733 The executors sworn in Court in form of Law.

Pledges are Philip Corlet, one of the witnesses, and Patrick Craine


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. Son of Thomas Mylrea & Margaret Craine, b1682. He was 2 years of age when his mother died
  3. Married Katherine Cowle 30th July 1707, Ballaugh
  4. In 1709, Katherine's father John Cowle passed several pieces of lan to William & Katherine (Lib Vast entries)
  5. His older brother John inherited Ballacooiley when their father died in 1711, but it was William's older son who who inherited Ballacooiley when his uncle John died in 1739 without issue
  6. William was 51 years old when he died on 30th March 1733
  7. Surviving sons Thomas b1708 (married Isabel Killip) and became the next steward of Ballacooiley; Nicholas b1716 (married Joney Cowin); third son John b1725 probably married Ann Howland in Ramsey in 1749. That particular John Mylrea was a cooper
  8. William was listed as a weaver on son Thomas's baptism record
  9. Son Nicholas was left nothing specific by his father (or his mother) but nevertheless successfully made his way in the world
  10. William's widow Katherine Mylrea als Cowle married William Stephan 1737. She died 1758

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