My Mylrea connections go back to 15th century Ballaugh where John Mylrea, son of Nicholas jnr, my great great great grandfather was born. As a young man, he abandoned the rural life and went to Andreas in the early 19th century where he earned his living as a tailor. His son, also named John and born in 1823, ventured even further afield when he went to the great southern land, Australia, barely 50 years after it was first settled by Europeans. John's 6th generation of descendants is now coming into the world.

A visitor to this site can easily see that all things Mylrea interest me and I hope that some might feel inclined to contribute their knowledge or resources.



Nov 2017

Follow the changing fortunes of the Mylrea Deemster clan from original records in the early 1500s to the present day, told through their transcribed Wills & Deeds, and in the story of Frederick Thomas Mylrea 1803-1862

DNA Study: MYLREA of MANN If you would like to be involved, you are most welcome to make contact.