Will - 1743 (Braddan)

At a Consistory Court in KK Michael August 11th 1743

Jony Joyner als Clucas late of Douglas departed this life about Candlemas last intest. The Court upon intelligence thereof hath decreed her four children John, Robert, Charles and Ellinor Joyner joint administrators of all her goods and chattles moveable and immoveable whatsoever, John and Robert being abroad, Charles under age and Ellinor absent Captain John Clucas and William Clucas the uncles with Isabel Fargher the aunt are decreed supervisors, William and Isabel having not appeared said Captain Clucas is sworn in form of law and gave pledges viz the Rev Paul Crebbin and Thomas Caine of Ballna lhen in Kirk Michael.

Decretum est

Solvit 2s 11d

John Cosnahan, Edward Moore


  1. Jony was the daughter in law of Margaret Mc ylroy and Robert Joyner. She married their only son Charles (b c1693)
  2. Birth records show 4 children to this couple: Robert (1724), Margaret (1726-1726), Ellinor (1727) & Charles while the Consistory Court names 4 - John, Robert, Charles, Ellinor - so John and Charles had no baptism record. These same four children are named in husband Charles's wills
  3. Husband Charles died 1729. He was a glover while his father was a mariner
  4. Jony's Joyner in-laws might have been relatively wealthy. Robert inherited several allotments in Douglas from his father,William Joyner (b1628), and Margaret also enjoyed a legacy of at least one allotment from her parents, John Mc ylroy and Cath Moore
  5. In 1727, the Joyners made a bequest to their son Charles jnr which amounted to about ½ of the cottage allotment #75 (with a total of 3s 10d rent, this was a valuable property)
  6. Oldest son Robert perished off the coast of Africa in about 1751
  7. Following brother Robert's death, surviving sons John and Charles sold off another part of cottage allotment #75 in 1779, and now they held just a 3½d share of the allotment that had been exclusively held by their grandfather Robert Joyner.. None of the other occupants of the allotment were Joyner descendants

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1730-1 E d JOYNER Charles d 14 dec; ch Jon, Robt, Ellinr + Charles all ua, uncle Charles Cosnahan jt supv with wife Jony als Clucas; claims; inv; debts - Court allows widow to mortgage houses

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