Will - 1731 (Bride)


Submitted by: Jim Smith

Date: September 11, 2011 LDS Film: 106214


The last Will and Testam’t of Marg’t Christian als Mylrea who departed this life the 23d of Feb’y 1730/31

First she comitted her Soul unto God and her Body to Christian Burial.

Itm She left to her Son David some Bed cloths, Viz’t a Coverlett a sheet and a White Blanket, with another Blankett that was on her own Bed; Itm She left to her Daughter in Law David’s wife half of her Linnen’s and a suit of Clothes and her Riding Hood, and also if there were any Sheep remaining after her Funeral she left them to her s’d Son David Christian.

Itm She left to Cath. Christian the other part of her Linnen with a suit of Cloths a White Apron and another Blankett that was on her Bed and a Box to keep her Linnen as also two other Petticoats (Viz) a striped one and a White

Itm She left to the Maid Serv’t Christian Saile her Wearing Mant and to Cath: Crow a wearing Petticoat.

Itm To her Daughter in Law Dorothy Christian a Blew Coverlett a Green Apron the Linnen and Woolen yarn in the House with her shoes and two Choice Coifes and also a Carpett to be left as an Heirloom in the House.

Itm She left to her Son Wm. Christian if he came for it, sixpence Legacy.

Lastly She Named and Constituted her son John Christian Sole Exec’tr of all the rest of her Goods whatsoever.

To the Wittnesses of this Will Sixpence Legacy to Each of them

Witnesses Marg’t Lace, Bahee Clark } jurate

The Exec’r Sworn in Court in form of Law

Pledges are the Rector Sam: Christian

Probatum est & Solvit 12d


  1. McYlaryn (LDS registration)
  2. Unlikely to be the daughter of William Mylrea + Ann Christian (no record of a Margaret in the family although there was a 3rd unnamed daughter in Ann Christian's will)
  3. Margaret had sons John, William as well as David, and Daniel & Ewan who both drowned 1722 (see below)
  4. Husband probably John Christian, tenant of Quarterland #3 Ballafaile on Cranstall#1, based on the names in Margaret's will and the location of the sons from their wills. John died in 1721 naming William, Daniel & David and noting William was in Ireland; son John claimed against the will in 1722
  5. Ballafaile was transferred to William in October 1740 although the father John had died in 1721. The LV entry notes John Christian being dead without issue, his brother WIlliam is entered as right heir according to law. William died in 1748
  6. There was also a Ballafaile in Maughold, and William & Margaret Christian were tenants in 1742
  7. Christians in Bride very difficult to pin down. Based on 1721 LA, Christians with quarterland holdings - Ewan (Cranstall), John (Ballafaile), Dan (Ballagenny), John (Ballakey), William (Ballabeg), John & William his son (Ballacallow), John (Ballachruink), William (Ballamine), Ewan (Ballakewish), John (Ballawannall)
  8. John Christian married Dorothy Qualtrough in Andreas in 1709; a William Christian married Dorothy Joughin 1729, Bride
  9. Wills of both Daniel Christian (1723) and John Christian (1740) mention Ballafayle

Also from Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1723-1 A 44 CHRISTIAN Daniel perished at sea 2 Nov 1722; ballafail; bro John, Wm + David jt admrs (last 2 out of island) ; inv; mother alive; claims by Patk Tear, John Corkish
1723-1 E d CHRISTIAN Ewan perished by sea 2 Nov 1722; ch james, margt + jane (last 2 ua) + elizth (had m/c); wife alive
1740-1 A 53 CHRISTIAN John d 25 Mar 1740; ballafayle; dau cath; wife dorothy; mentions fa's will; 2 ua nephews
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